Thursday, 3 October 2013

How to design your social media marketing strategy

Social media has become the boon for marketing. Gone are the days when marketing was done with traditional style alone, like advertisements and banners. Social media acts as a very powerful tool not only for marketing but for brand building also.  Businesses are fascinated with the ideas of internet marketing and all most of them have adopted social media branding culture.

Social media is a critical component of comprehensive marketing and thus social media marketing strategy should be designed carefully so that the objective can be achieved in an efficient way. Most of the business firm don’t know where to start from and they land up messing up the entire thing. Here are few tips that can be useful for designing social media marketing strategy.

  1. Identify your audience

    When you design your social media for marketing, you should know your audience. Whom are you trying to convey the message? Good social media marketing can never be complete without the clear picture of ideal customers. Once when you have an idea of the customers, you can match up your social media with the networks where your customers are spending their time.
  2. Identify the right social media platforms

    One you know your audience, it is important to choose the correct social media platform. There are hundreds of platforms available, but it does not make sense to use them all. You should evaluate the platforms based on their reach, their core functions, demographics and your own products.
  3. Focus on creating value

    A social media marketing planner should have a good knowledge about the industry should focus on creating or curating valuable content for its audience. Just putting a status update or few tweets will not be enough. One important aspect for social media marketing is keeping the topics relevant to the product or service you offer.
  4. Engage your audience

    Social media marketing can only be successful if you and your customer have a regular participation. You should know how to engage your customers. Social media is more than just a publishing platform and the interest of participation should be generated from the customers.
  5. Update regularly

    As they say – social media is not just for Christmas and new year. Manage your social media platforms regularly. Keep your audience updated. Communicate with them. Follow other influencers regularly. Introduce variety in your content. No audience would like to read the same information over and over again.
If we look at marketing, then social media can be very powerful and affordable. One should design it in very effective way to hold the attention and achieve the objectives.

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