Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Social Media Marketing demystified

The process of gaining traffic and generating interest of the readers in your website through social media can be defined as social media marketing. There are hundreds of platforms that allow online social interactions but some of the most popular across the world are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, with Pinterest catching up. These platforms can be used to for promoting your business, products or services.

On Twitter, an individual or a business can share some short messages or photos updates with its followers and engage in conversations, while Facebook (highest in terms of user base) is a platform on which posts, photos and events can be shared with the people on your friend’s list or those who have subscribed/liked you. YouTube has innumerable videos uploaded by different people/businesses across the planet. LinkedIn allows you to build professional contacts with various people from different industries. Pinterest allows you to “pin” (share) visual content with your network very easily.

Social media marketing is not just used by individuals, but is used extensively by businesses for customer engagement, brand building, collecting feedback, driving traffic to their websites. Social media optimization primarily focuses on the creation of useful content which will encourage readers to share it on their social media accounts. A social media corporate post, if it is intriguing enough for the potent audience, spreads from a user to another, resonating on various social platforms because it came directly from a trusted source as opposed to an individual or a third-party source. Social media marketing is driven by word-of-mouth publicity rather than paying huge amount for the promotional space in different newspapers or magazines or spending hugely on advertisements.

Social media marketing is easily accessible to almost everyone as the internet has reached within the four walls of one’s home. Increased communication on the social media or displaying yourself time-to-time in front of your potential consumers gives you an advantage of leaving a strong impression on their mind for a good amount of time. Engaging your customers helps turn them into marketers of your business. You can use the data on Facebook or Twitter to know the response to your products and services. Moreover, social media optimization is relatively inexpensive marketing campaign thus helping you publicize your products and services online in a stringent budget.

Another good point about social media optimization is that you do not require technical skills for promoting your business. It only requires you to have accounts on different social networking sites, internet access and proficiency in the language in which you want to communicate with your clients. You can even hire social media managers to maintain good quality of the posts and regulate the social media activities to generate interests in your customers.

Social media marketing is here to stay! Those who embrace it will find themselves ahead of the game.

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