Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How to Market Your Products and Services Online

online marketing
In this internet-savvy world, traditional advertising strategies do not trigger maximum profits thus venturing into online marketing of your products and services has become a requisite for business’s growth and success. However, a lack of understanding of how internet marketing will help your business targets and how it functions can lead to the failure of your online promotion efforts. Read through to know how to market your products and services online and reap desired profits.

  • Clearly define your business’s USP: Before you start your online marketing campaign, decide on your business’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Its USP will set it apart from its competitors in the marketplace. Highlight all your unique credentials such as fastest home delivery, cheapest branded stuff or fastest courier services. Think on the lines on which a customer will choose your company over others.
  • Know what your target audiences expect: First determine if people are searching for your product and services. You may use Google keyword tool to figure out what your target audiences are looking for. If your product has been listed low on the search list, it doesn’t mean you can’t sell it online. Your product might be something new that people aren’t aware of. You can promote it by putting advertisements on the websites your target audiences visit or read the most such as on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Search Marketing: If you offer something that can reduce hassles of people’s lives, you may consider search marketing. Therefore, bring your company on the forefront to make your services visible, by putting ads on most visited and read websites. Ads should be exciting enough to motivate potential customers to click on it and land on your website’s page. After that, ball is in your court, and it is on your marketing strategies to retain that visitor and convert into actual client.
  • Media buying: This involves buying advertising space on the websites your ideal customer is reading regularly. Media buying gives you an opportunity to decide where you company’s advertisement will appear and where it does not. An alternative option could be joining an advertising network such as Google AdSense and let it decide where your ads will be most visible to your target audience. Such networks let you select a category in which your products and services fall and then display your ads on web pages it estimates to be relevant to your products and services.
  • Aim for Lead Generation: Lead generation is a completely different marketing approach that doesn’t result in sales immediately. Business which practice lead generation offers their clients free but informative content first and gradually their sales start increasing. The content being shared with potential customers should be useful for them and not a strategy to pitch in sales. Once your website develops a strong readership, you can offer your target audience to subscribe for free emails or newsletter.
You may have designed the best online marketing campaign, but it is important to know what parts of it have been yielding for your business, where your target audience is coming from, and how it could be improved.

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