Thursday, 9 May 2013

Building Strong Interaction through Social Media and Internet marketing

social media marketing
Using social media solely for communicating with those who you know offline isn’t the maximum use of its actual power. Well, regular communication with your offline connections might be the basic purpose of social media, but there is more to it which is often ignored. One such power that social media gives you is fostering a relationship with your potential business partners and targeted audience through online communication and internet marketing. With almost everyone present on social media, it might seem easy to attract business via it; however, it is easier said than done. Building professional relationships and increasing your business on social media require several steps that we have jotted here, for you.

  • Follow the potential clients and business partners: All social media marketing allow you to follow a person, an organization and institution. Twitter and Google+ is completely based on following people for their regular updates and post. Even Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to subscribe someone and follow them, although, their maximum functions are based on friend requests.
  • Share their useful content: It’s a way of appreciating them as well as letting them know your admiration for them. Re-tweet the tweets and re-post the posts of a person who you want to be associated with. Popular personalities might not notice this, but people with small nos. Of followers will certainly admire your gestures.
  • Start commenting to initiate a meaningful conversation: Another important step to make yourself noticeable is to comment on their posts and blogs. Even if, you don’t approve by what they have posted or communicative, try not to sound rude and offensive in what you have commented. Moderate your comment in such a way that it looks like you are presenting your point of view.
  • Inbox: If your efforts on various social media forums have been successful to make you noticed by the person you are following, you may now send a message to them for future correspondence. This will help you build a personal rapport with him, or her, however, it “in boxing” has a flip side too. If the person is high on popularity-chart, the chances are he or she might not respond to your message or it may be handled by his or her social media managers.
  • Share your information: In case, both of you have knowledge of a similar field or line of business, you may share some useful points (via comments or sharing links) that the other person might not know. This gives them an opportunity to acknowledge your knowledge and awareness while giving a chance to present your expertise and business skills and information.
  • Attend a public event: Follow them to events where they’ll be speaking to introduce yourself in person. You may ask questions to them in those public events or personally go and meet them. Prefer going for small conferences rather than to those events where competing crowd will be there to reach them.
Keep in mind that above points may help you build relationship, but you cannot be associated with each and every person. So don’t pursue anyone as this may be an annoyance to them and will kill even the bleak scope of being associated with them in the future.

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