Thursday, 14 February 2013


We all hate traffic, vehicular that is, but there is one kind of traffic that any new (or old) entrepreneur would absolutely love – Web Traffic! Establishing an online presence entails diverting the gargantuan flux of web traffic to a desired website. It is not necessary that anyone and everyone will visit your intended website but at least those who are searching for something that your business offers can have a look. What follow this argument are two questions –
1. What will attracting web traffic achieve?
2. How does one go about doing it?

Taking things one at a time, let’s get on with discussing the benefits of increasing the ‘hits’ to a website. Given the fact that the internet has transformed the way people make purchases, it is important to acknowledge the profitability of being seen on the net. It’s like being a part of an active social group wherein conspicuity can usher in the prospects of new business ventures. Similarly, creating an online presence will connect you with a vast pool of new customers, who otherwise would have not known you. It is this massive reach of the World Wide Web that works magically to bring the service providers and consumers closer to each other.
If somewhere in between reading this article you feel that all this is new stuff and that traditional ways of advertising and word of mouth publicity is all that is required then think again. Just take a minute and log on to the net, type the kind of service you provide along with the location and see your competitors sitting pretty on the screen. That, is the power of internet and as a potential client, that’s all you would require. In order to beat and stay ahead of competition in today’s times it is imperative to manage an online presence. If there is something you want the world to know of, get on the global platform and let your website scream for you.
Having a dynamic website will also certainly reduce operating costs in the long run. It serves as a direct link between you and your customers and with the exception of initial costs, functions at minimal expense. It’s a win-win situation for all.
Coming on to the next question of how to create an online presence? One way is that a consumer has heard of you and has your specific web address. The other way (and more widely used method) is that scores of people type keywords on any search engine (like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) and let them do the searching. As a business entrepreneur, it is your goal to be listed on these search engines that work as a window to the end customer.
A successful business relies heavily on building a brand and that usually happens when you constantly engage with your customers and acknowledge their feedback. It is humanly impossible to be in constant touch with all customers with varying demands and communication skills. The internet, with its numerous socially interactive platforms is a great way by which service providers and customers can exchange information.
So don’t be a fence sitter and let competition get away with your share of profits. Get online and string yourself together with the web.

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