Thursday, 20 December 2012

LOGO DESIGN – It’s A Corporate Identity Not Just Name

A new business venture requires copious inputs of varied types. While the primary ones like finances and licenses are bound to take up most of your attention and energy, it is wise not to overlook certain other, supposedly minor, requirements such as having a Logo Design. Yes, many of those reading this would jettison the idea of attributing much importance to a logo design however this minor oversight can cause major image problems in the future. Hard to believe? Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore this advice –

1. Company Insignia – A logo design is not just another symbol, it is the company’s insignia, emblem, a representation of your company’s principles and ethos. It instills a sense of belief in the customers and is the most recognizable feature of a business. It stands for your strengths and distinguishes an enterprise from other, similar players in the market. So should something so central to a company be relegated to the margins? No! It deserves a cardinal place in the scheme of things and should be one of the foremost domains that a new business venture must concentrate on.
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2. Helps Customers Relate to The Brand – If you take a look at some of the popular logo designs of brands – three stripes (Adidas), swoosh (Nike), apple (Apple), M (McDonalds) etc, you will notice that even if the name is not mentioned, just by looking at the logo, customers identify and relate to the product. Every popular logo has certain uniqueness to it – be it striking colours or an unusual design – and it goes a long way in building an association with the masses.

3. Flexibility – A logo can be used anywhere and everywhere. A pen, letterhead, diary, envelope, e-mail, t-shirt… all of them can embody a unique logo design and carry the message that this product is associated with a particular brand. It triggers an instant recognition and an expectation of satisfaction if the brand has been used previously. Over a period of time customers (based on the previous experiences) build a certain image and notion of future results. This goes a long way in promoting word to mouth publicity.

After it has been ascertained that a unique logo design is an essential component in building a brand and company, it must be emphasized that only a professional company can handle the task of creating one, satisfactorily. It may occur to some that the need for employing a professional logo designer is a waste of money but this investment, if made at the correct time will last you more than a life time. Did you know that the world’s leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel, Nike was founded in the year 1964? That its famous ‘swoosh’ logo was adopted in 1971 and today the brand value of Nike is more than 10 billion? One of the co-founders of the company, Bill Bowerman passed away in 1999 and the other founder, Phil Knight, is in his 70’s. The crux of the matter is that the ‘swoosh’ logo is inexorably linked with the brand and will continue to be its motif irrespective of how many owners the company changes.

Let’s look at another example – The Tata Group was founded in the year 1868 by Jamsetji Tata and today it has operations in six continents, 80 countries, over 30 subsidiary companies with assets nearing the 100 billion mark. It is also the 11th most trusted and reputed company in the world. We all recognize the ‘T’ as Tata logo and be it cars, trucks, shopping (Westside), hotels, jewellery or cable tv, whenever we see the Tata logo, we expect a certain quality and service with it. Such is the strength of a brand logo and the power of consumer relation with it.

Such examples are beacons for new enterprises that brand logos can really make your business stand out and foster greater consumer association than one without it. A professional logo design company can take your insignia to an all new level of finesse and authority. It will announce the arrival of a strong, confident player while a weak logo will merely get lost in the crowd. Be a winner, seal a lasting logo.

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