Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tips for getting higher returns in PPC advertising

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is a popular internet advertising model that people use to draw relevant web traffic towards their website.It includes keyword management, informed action, data analysis, etc. The PPC advertisingrequires the advertiser to pay the publisher for every click. PPC advertisement can work wonders for a website by getting higher return. Enlisted below are the tips for getting higher return in PPC advertising:

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

10 Ways to engage your Facebook fans

Facebook has become one of the most important social networking platforms for digital marketing. It isn’t easy to tap the interest of the consumers on an ever-day basis on Facebook. The skill requires planning and strategizing from the side of the marketing team to communicate effectively with the audience. 

Here are the 10 tips that you can undertake to engage your fans on facebook.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Digital Marketing De-Jargonized

Digital Marketing is one of the buzz words that everyone is talking about today. However, not many understand what it means and what it involves. Digital marketing is nothing but the process by which marketing spreading awareness about a product or service to prospective consumers takes place through the mediums of computers, internet, smartphones, cellphone and other digital media.

Let’s understand some commonly used terms in digital marketing:

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tips for creating responsive web designs

When it comes to creating your new website, it is now recommended to have a responsive web design. There are so many advantages of creating a responsive web design given the mobile revolution and exploding usage of mobile devices for accessing the internet. A responsive design ensures adaptation to a variety of devices with great ease and without much effort, it helps in enhancing your SEO, offers great user experience to your customers, increases the chances of conversion, boosts mobile sales, etc. Moreover, a responsive web design is easy to maintain and it helps in keeping your website relevant for a longer period of time. This longevity is clearly good for your business.